Connecting in July

Lisa and Ruthie

Photo of Lisa Chiu Horner and Ruth Hufbauer by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView

Mon 07.01.13 – Happy Monday. Happy July. And Happy Ms. Jen is Going to Start Blogging Again. Really. Truly.
July is a month with a lot going on. Family and friends in town. Fourth of July. The big Nokia July 11th Zoom Event in NYC. Speaking at Open Web Camp. Dogsitting Ms. Belle Pooh McBellersons for two weeks. More travel. Taking two CompSci/math MOOCs. etc. etc. etc.
Today, July 1st, is the start of NaBloPoMo July 2013’s Connect theme and since I have an already overly full plate I might as well commit to daily blogging. But more importantly July is going to be all about connecting with friends, family, cities, mobile/web and photography communities, so I should write about it.
Let’s start today. In high school, two of my favorite friends where Ruth and Lisa. They were one and two years ahead of me and Lisa had a car. They are the friends that I went to dancing and music gigs in LA with. The friends I went thrift shopping with. The friends, who even though we were into music & odd sub-cultures, we all knew that academics was important and that we would be going to college no matter what. In my crazy teen years, they were two friends I could count on for both fun and good advice.
Ruth is currently visiting from Colorado with her daughter and we all went to the Newport Dunes to hang out, let the kids swim & play, while we talked and caught up. It was so very good to see Ruth, Lisa, and Diane and catch up.
Sometimes life goes too fast and stopping to talk is good. Big thanks to Lisa for inviting me to the party. Happy July 1st Birthday to Ruth!