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The Views From Dog Beach Late This Afternoon

Crystalline Iceplant blooming on the path to Dog Beach
Mom Belle

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Tues 05.21.13 – My Grandpa has been in the hospital for the last 5 days and the way my Mom and I have been dealing with it is to go to Dog Beach after visiting the hospital.
The best thing we saw was a small pod of dolphins surfing the waves and the adults were teaching a young dolphin to surf in the wave. It was lovely. Unfortunately, due to sun glint on the waves from my angle (see Belle photo above), I was not able to get a photo with the dolphins in the waves.
It was a lovely late afternoon, dolphin photos or no.

Foaming at the Mouth

I would like to propose a novel idea: If you wash dishes by putting concentrated dish soap directly on the sponge and then wash the dish, please please please rinse the dish soap off well with clean water afterwards. Even if you are washing your dishes in very weak dish soap water, please still rinse. Please.
My fave Vietnamese restaurant did not do this today or yesterday with one of the soup bowls. And now three hours after lunch of soup that was suspiciously foamy and smelled faintly of soap even through the sambal & basil, my stomach is churning and I am continuing to spit soap foam out of my mouth every couple of minutes.
The only entertaining part is if I try to drink a sip of diet coke all the liquid in my mouth rapidly foams the point where there is no liquid to swallow. Just foam to spit out.
Rinse, folks, rinse.

Javascript, I am just not that in to you

I like Javascript enough to work with it, write in it, and meet up for coffee/tea to hear how its life is going. But I don’t want to move in with it and have its babies.
I realize that in contemporary web development I am completely out of sync as everyone who is anyone claims that they want to move in with and have Javascript’s babies, be they JS babies of the web variety, bouncing server side nodes, or cute little mobile frameworks.
But maybe, many of the everyone who is anyone are feigning their deep, abiding love of Javascript, and maybe like me they would rather catch up with JS over a drink and occasionally write in it, all the while they are actually thinking about Python, or HTML, or Ruby, or CSS, Photoshop vs. Lightroom, or ObjC/C#/C++ or maybe even some chocolate or a beer. Maybe.
It is not just Javascript that I am not that in to, I feel the same way about Illustrator and PHP. With the latter, it is much easy to be honest with one’s technology peers and contemporary’s and say, “I know I have to occasionally use them to get the task done, but, wow, I really don’t like them.”, as most folks have critiques of PHP and they probably don’t really like Illustrator either. The the person will snicker and admit much the same or they will go into how if you just did it like this, you would like it better.
Javascript has gone through a curious arch of being cobbled together for the web, critiqued for being a toy scripting language, and then somewhere in the last few years it went to the gym, started doing supplements, got a bit of work done, and became the be all and end all amongst many contemporary developers right now. Javascript got its act together and even the previous critics are a bit entranced with it right now.
To admit that yes, I can write it, yes, I can tweak a framework, yes, I can… but no I am not using it in any advanced capacity because the truth is I would rather not, is quite a bit more risky right now.
Javascript, can we just meet up for tea or coffee?
How about you? Do you have a technology that is a common or currently trendy part of your design or development workflow that you cringe or have a big sign over every time you use it?