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A Close-Up of Mercury

1961 Mercury Monterey front hood detail

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Sat 04.27.13 – There were a lot of very well taken care of vintage and antique cars at the annual Seal Beach Car Show, but this 1961 Mercury Monterey was very lovely.
The front of the hood dials with the Mercury logo were casting sunlight intrigued me. How could two fairly small metal and plastic dials stay in good shape for 52 years?

Evening Light at the Pier

Boogie Boarder dives back in

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Another photo from Wed the 24th during the golden hour as the light was so nice that evening with the dark clouds over the land and the last of the sunlight sliding under the clouds to light up the evening.

Standing on the Pier, Watching the Surf go by

Video taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 Pureview on Wed. April 24, 2013, at 7:02pm.
There was a south-southwest swell coming in at an angle to the Seal Beach Pier and every time a wave broke on the sea wall beneath us the section of pier my Mom and I were on shook like an rolling earthquake. It was quite fun.

Happy 10th Blog Birthday!

While I first reserved the domain name in 2001, I used it for mostly personal one-offs for two years until I decided to start my own blog for ideas and my photography. I installed blogging software and set up the then design by the end of my 25+10th birthday in the late evening on the 24th of April, I didn’t actually publish the first post until the morning of April 25, 2003 when I finalized a few details.
An amusing entry from the summer of 2003: Thursday – Mom Surfing at Bolsa Chica
In the upcoming year on this blog, I intend to return to daily blogging, be it photos or text, and to write more about life and mobile.
Happy 10th Anniversary or Blog Birthday to Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen!

To Bishop and Back Again for Cousin Shelly’s Shower

Someone's on her phone... Katie!
The Moon & Two Cottonwood Trees at Cero Coso Rest Stop Hello, Izzy, good to see you, too! Amigo and Scruffy greeting Running down the canal lane The Sisters: Katie, Shelly, and Kristy Shelly, the Bride to be, Laughing when presented with her Rodeo Queen Hat Vacey and Shelly Shower game time Toilet paper wedding dress game Shelly and her new rodeo apron Aunt Anne showing my Mom Instagram photos Happy 13th Birthday to cousin Katie! Sunday evening: The White Mountains as seen from my Mom's porch Driving southbound on the US 395: Cinder cone and the Eastern Sierras Flowering Locust Tree in Lone Pine

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Tues 04.23.13 – This past Saturday I drove up the US Highway 395 to Bishop, CA, to attend my cousin Shelly’s wedding shower, enjoy the spring in the Eastern Sierras, and to also celebrate cousin Katie’s 13th birthday. Other than a few road bumps of the food variety, it was a lovely weekend visiting family.

Responsive Web Design Summit 2013 – One Week Away – Come Join Us!

The lovely folk at Environments for Humans are hosting the 2nd Annual Responsive Web Design (online) Summit April 16-18, 2013.
The great thing about the E4H online summits is that one can attend and participate in the summit from anywhere were you have a data connection – home, office, coffee shop, car, mountain, desert, the ISS, wherever.
Yes, there is a the traditional presenter presents with slides, but the best part – speaking from experience as a presenter and as an attendee – there is a real time chat that the attendees can use to ask questions, comment on the presentation, and otherwise interact with the group, which then gives the presenter an opportunity to interact back.
I love this style, as it makes the presentation into a more of a meet up or workshop conversation amongst peers around the ideas in the presentation rather than Lone Speaker on Podium speaking Truth to Audience.
I will be presenting at 9am (CT) on Wed April 17, 2013 on “Mobile Development on a Shoestring Connection”.
Please come join me, a whole slew of great speakers and topics, and fellow designers & developers, whether you are currently working in Responsive Web Design or Mobile or are RWD/Mobile curious, for the RWD Summit next week. It will be good, stimulating, and great way to get up to date on a wide range of ideas in the RWD and mobile spaces.
Use ’20JEN’ when registering to get 20% off an individual or meeting room ticket!
Look forward to next week at the RWD Summit!