At Disneyland for Jason’s Birthday

There be a Lego Dragon! Plus Jason S and Chuck! Tiffany and Jason T. at Lunch Jason S and Chuck on the bridge on the Island formerly known as Tom Sawyer's Island Jason S, the birthday boy, with tiki flames erupting from his head

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Sat 02.16.13 – Today I went to Disneyland with Jason Schupp and Chuck Jordan to celebrate Jason’s birthday. We started out the day with a long lunch at Downtown Disney’s Catal with Jason Toney, Tiffany B. Brown, Glenda Bautista, and Chris Baker. Lunch and the company thereof was a true delight.
After lunch, Jason S., Chuck and I descended upon Disneyland. On a Saturday on President’s Day weekend when the temperature was about 80F. I am not quite sure what we were thinking, other than it was Jason’s birthday and they did drive down from San Francisco to go to Disney, but boy oh boy was it crowded. Instead of complaining, we decided to go with the flow, get Fast Passes for the most important rides and then Jason & Chuck used an iPhone crowd-sourced app to determine which rides had the shortest line and then off we would go.
We never did make it to Splash Mountain or Space Mountain, but we did make it to other favorites and had a marvelous day.
Happy post-Birthday to Jason!