The 12 Days of Christmas Wrap Up

Sun 01.07.13 – I started the 12 Days of Christmas celebration in hopes that I would be able to rest, relax, and be able to focus on enjoying friends and family rather than my usual holiday stress out. This was accomplished.
But I had hoped to take the full 12 Days off and relax, ala the traditional celebration of the Christmas season, but on the day after New Year’s Day my protestant guilt ethic kicked in and I found myself back at work. But I will still count it as a win that I did not feel compelled by my protestant guilt ethic to get back to work the day after Christmas Day.
Another goal, I had during this time was to get back into daily blogging, which turned out to be more like barfing out a week of daily blog posts once every week. I will say that my making a big effort to return to daily blogging or near daily blogging is my #3 resolution for 2013.
My other two resolutions are to #1 relocate to Europe and #2 to either get a job working in mobile phone photography software / as a mobile imaging evangelist or some how find more funds to continue the work on my mobile photo apps.
There you have it. A relaxed Ms. Jen who did not buy a gym membership that will lie unused all year but is instead investing in her mobile photo blogging future as a much more worthy set of goals. ;o)