Thankful for the Mobile Web, plus a lot of links to get Started!

As a creative who persists with Nokia Symbian mobile phones, because they have the best mobile cameras on the planet, I spend a lot of time on the mobile web. And I am very thankful for all the designers and developers and others who have put the time, effort, and thought into creating great mobile web experiences.
The good news is that I have a great camera phone with me at all times, the not so great news is that daily I as I surf the web on my mobile I discover that a lot of web designers and developers need to make their web sites and apps more mobile friendly.
So, I am going to be future grateful and thankful that all the folks creating on the web are going to be making great web sites and apps that are not only mobile friendly, but kick bootay on a wide range of mobile devices and connections.
If you are a creative or a technologist who wants to know where to start, I got a list for you after the jump:

Ms. Jen’s recommendations on getting started with Mobile Web Design and Development
Where the recent craze for Responsive Web Design started (formerly known as Flexible Web Design):
Oldie but Goodie: Luke W’s Mobile First post:
Ethan Marcotte’s RWD ALA article:

Brian and Stephanie Rieger’s Rethinking the Mobile Web:

2012 Resources for Mobile Web Best Practices:
Brad Frost’s Responsive Web Design resource center:
Mobile Web Best Practices:
W3C MobileOK Validator:
Mobile HTLM5 Brower Compatibilities:
Media Queries Gallery of Sites:
Google Optimization Resources:
Akamai’s Mobile Performance Testing:
Slowy App Connection & Bandwidth tester: mobile cloud image resizer:!/guide/src
Cloud Four’s Responsive IMGs blog posts:
Matt Wilcox on Responsive Images:
Chibi – the tiny Javascript micro-framework:
HTML5 Mobile Broilerplate:
320 and up broilerplate:’ Foundation 3 tool:
.net mag’s 50 fantastic tools for RWD:
Digging Deeper, The Books:
Head First Mobile Web
Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web
Programming the Mobile Web
Responsive Web Design
Beginning Smartphone Web Development
Mobile First