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Long Beach Coworking at WE Labs

WE Labs, Long Beach, CA
The entrance to WE Labs Advice stairs, WE Labs WE Labs Fellow WE Labber, Kelly Sims

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Tues 11.27.12 – Today I became a member at the new downtown Long Beach co-working and community arts space, WE Labs. I have been looking for a good coworking space that is not in a soulless Orange County concrete tilt-up industrial office space and when I was in the UK in October, Kelly Sims started tweeting about WE Labs opening up in Long Beach.
Kelly has been looking for a good coworking spot in the South Bay for over a year and while Santa Monica, the Wilshire district of LA, Santa Ana and Irvine have active coworking locations there has been no good co-working spaces/communities in the North OC / Long Beach / South Bay area, and if you know anything about the LA area due to traffic driving the distance north or south is enough to discourage many a freelancer.
I am now in the final sprint to finish my mobile apps and really need a place that I can go to away from home to focus, work, and participate in community when I want to. I am glad to join WE Labs today.

Thankful for the Mobile Web, plus a lot of links to get Started!

As a creative who persists with Nokia Symbian mobile phones, because they have the best mobile cameras on the planet, I spend a lot of time on the mobile web. And I am very thankful for all the designers and developers and others who have put the time, effort, and thought into creating great mobile web experiences.
The good news is that I have a great camera phone with me at all times, the not so great news is that daily I as I surf the web on my mobile I discover that a lot of web designers and developers need to make their web sites and apps more mobile friendly.
So, I am going to be future grateful and thankful that all the folks creating on the web are going to be making great web sites and apps that are not only mobile friendly, but kick bootay on a wide range of mobile devices and connections.
If you are a creative or a technologist who wants to know where to start, I got a list for you after the jump:


NaBloPoMo Fail and Thanksgiving

Fallen hibiscus bloom

Photo taken on Nov 15th by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Mon 11.19.12 – I have had a NaBloPoMo fail. I have just plain had a daily blogging fail for the last year and some.
I talked about my blogging fail with Erika last week and she thought that I was putting my creative endeavors in other places (Twitter, photography, app creation, etc) and that for this season it was ok that I am not blogging as much. I responded to her that while that may be true, I am still not happy with it because I frequently refer to the archives of my blog as a way to track what I have been doing and thinking about.
My blog is not just a gallery for my photos, or a place for me to talk about ideas in and around technology and culture, it is also a way that I am able to mark my thoughts and actions in my world over time. Yes, kind of like a journal or diary, but a bit more oblique.
Much has happened since Feb 11, 2011 when I fell off the blogging wagon with a big giant thump and I would like to record it. The daily bits are gone, like the ephemera that they are/were, but the photos and major ideas are either on my computer in the Photos and To Blog folders. I would like to slowly but surely eject them out of their dusty folders and put them up here.
But first, I must finish up this year of creation sabbatical strong and get the mobile apps I have been working on off my computer and into an app store.
One of the cool things I have seen on other blogs this month is a countdown of thanks to Thanksgiving. Some bloggers are doing “30 Days of Thanks” and others are doing a 10 Day countdown to Thanksgiving.
Rather than try to back track and make a fuss, I will just simply say right here and right now that I am so very grateful for the ability to take this year off from web design & development client work to focus on creating some of the mobile apps* that have lived in my head for awhile.
I want to say thank you to family, friends all over, and the open source mobile community for encouraging me to do this year. In the last month or two or three that it takes to finish, deploy, and wrap up, I thank you in advance for your encouragement and support.
Y’all rock.
*Yes, I started with 2 apps to work on and then they bred like rabbits on my computer and I am now working on 3 or 4 depending on how one would count a module that could be plugged into another app. ;o)


Queen Victoria statue in front of Kensington Palace

Photo taken by Ms. Jen in Kensington Gardens with her Nokia 808 Pureview.