Video: A Microsoft-built Windows Phone: What it means for Nokia

Tues 10.02.12 – This afternoon in the 5 o’clock hour, London time, Clinton Jeff tweeted:

CJ followed up with this tweet:

After reading the WPCentral article that CJ referenced, I asked if we could do a special Google Plus Hangout to talk about the rumor that Microsoft would be possibly releasing their own Windows Phone.
Clinton Jeff and Alvin Wong, both of Unleash the Phones, and I convened on a G+ Hangout within 15 minutes to discuss the news and repercussions and the above video is a recording of our hangout.
Rumor sources with supposed inside knowledge:
WPCentral : Microsoft does indeed have their own Windows Phone in the works
WPCentral : Is Microsoft making its own Windows Phone in 2013? We discuss the options.

Boy Genius Report : With Windows Phone still failing to gain traction, Microsoft plans to launch its own smartphone