A Travel Day

Walking conveyor belt between LHR Terminal 3 and the Heathrow Express Station
8-something A.M., Mon 9/24/12 - Hello LAX! 9-something A.M., Mon 9/24/12 - American plane to Chicago delayed due to pre-strike pilot agitation. 10 or 11 something AM, Mon 9/24/12 - Sitting in the plane in the hot LA sun waiting to leave 5-something PM, Mon 9/24/12 - Hello Chicago!!! 6-something PM, Mon 9/24/12 - Golden hour at ORD, while waiting for American to find a pilot for our plane to London. 9 or 10 something PM, Mon 9/24/12 - Waiting for American to update crew list with TSA/FCC so we can depart 2.5 hours late. 11-something AM, Tues 9/25/12 - Hello London Heathrow! 1-something PM, Tues 9/25/12 - Hello London Paddington! 2-something PM, Tues 9/25/12 - Hello Princes Square!

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Tues 09.25.12 – American Airlines and their pilots seem to be in a pre-strike contract negotiation show down with passive aggressive behaviors on both sides that directly affect passengers. Thus, my trip from LAX to London via Chicago did not go smoothly. I was pretty laid back through all of the shenanigans of delayed flights, missing pilots, crew changes, etc, as I was just danged happy to be escaping the late summer / early fall blast furnace known as Los Angeles and on my way to London where cooler temps prevail.
But when I arrived in London and found that my big bag with all of my clothes, most of my toiletries, my shoes, several programming books, rain coat and umbrella did not follow me but had been last scanned in LA and never scanned in Chicago, I was a bit upset. Luckily the lost luggage agent for American in London was very kind and helpful.
As of this writing, 12 hours since leaving Heathrow, my bag still has not been found or even seen in LA or Chicago. Bugger.
Still danged happy to be visiting London, even if I only have one change of clothes…