Yahoo + Marissa Mayer = A Good Thing

Today’s good news came at 1:16pm PDT when Marissa Mayer announced that she was leaving Google to join Yahoo as their new CEO.
I am greatly heartened by this.
I don’t think all cars should be designed and made in Detroit. I don’t think all movies should be written and filmed in Mumbai. I really don’t think all software and/or hardware should only be designed by Apple and Google (or in another era Microsoft & Apple, or IBM & …).
The more strong international and big national software, hardware, web, and mobile companies that there are, is for the better for everyone who uses said technologies.
The tech press loves to have a duopoly that they can pit against each other to the exclusion of all other companies, but as a user of technology I don’t want a binary either or choice. Life is richer when there is more than two choices, and it is much richer when there are more choices.
Yahoo, while it has been floundering in recent years, has been a company that still has great potential and many of non-tech folk I know use it every day. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Mayer will do, as her work and accomplishments preceed her, hopefully she will be able to refine Yahoo and help lead the company to focus on a place(s) of strength for the enrichment of all who use the web.