Nokia N950: How to Open the Back Cover

Thurs 07.19.12 – Yesterday my Nokia N950 dev testing phone decided to lose all charge after only 4 hours and I knew that it was time for a new battery. With some Twitter advice from Attila and Thomas, I was able to unscrew the back case batteries, open the back of the N950 from the speaker end and then verify which battery was in my device and at what mAh.
While the Nokia N950 specs as listed on the wiki state that the battery is the BL-4D 1320mAh, @achipa wrote that the Nokia 808 PureView’s BV-4D battery would work as well, which I tested and it worked. As of today on, the BL-4D is for sale but is only 1200mAh and the PureView’s BV-4D with 1400mAh is not yet available in the US or for sale on Amazon. When the BV-4D does come available I will get one for my N950 as the extra 200mAh will help in the battery lasting longer department.
Big Thanks to Attila and Thomas for their Twitter advice, esp. on how to do the Quick Charge (carry an extra battery and swap it out).
Video taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

3 thoughts on “Nokia N950: How to Open the Back Cover

  1. Hi Al,
    If the N8 has the BL-4D 1200mAh, then the BV-4D 1400mAh battery will fit and give longer lasting life.
    The only problem is I can’t find a source who sells genuine Nokia BV-4D 1400mAh batteries here in the US.

  2. Ms. Jen,
    I just wanted to share some information with you regarding the interchangeability of the BL-4D and the BV-4D. As iamnotdrtran has commented above, many Nokia N8 owners (myself included) would love the opportunity to increase their battery capacity from 1200mAh to 1400mAh by upgrading from the BL-4D to the BV-4D. Also, in your case regarding the N950, I’m sure the same scenario applies.
    However, although the BL-4D and the BV-4D share the exact same physical dimensions, the BV-4D has an operating voltage of 3.8V, whereas the BL-4D has an operating voltage of 3.7V.
    It is important to note that although the BV-4D battery will physically fit into the Nokia N8 (and N950), the voltage increase of 0.1V will cause significant physical damage to the phone. Since the voltages are relatively close, the damage may not be immediate and the device may continue to turn on and operate with no perceptible problems; however, the Nokia N8, like the Nokia N950, was designed to be run on EXACTLY 3.7V, no more no less.
    As such, the BL-4D and BV-4D are not interchangeable.
    BL-4D: 3.7V 1200mAh
    BV-4D: 3.8V 1400mAh
    Same physical dimensions

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