Hyvää Jussia!

Fri 06.22.12 – Happy Midsummer’s Eve to you and yours! While the astronomical / solar summer solstice was on June 20, 2012 at 23:09 UT*, Midsummer is celebrated in Finland on the first Saturday after the 19th of June.
I am fulfilling a life list point by spending Midsummer in Finland. I had hoped to go to a summer cottage on a lake, but that didn’t work out, so my friend Carol and I are in Turku down at the start of the Finnish island archipelago. So there is water and a midnight sun.
Tomorrow for Midsummer, we are going on a cruise to an island about an hour from Turku, as well as visiting Naantali.
Finland is very beautiful in the summer, green everywhere, wildflowers blooming, and well worth the visit.
* 6:09pm on June 20th in the Pacific Daylight Time Zone and 2:09am on June 21st here in Finland.