I have not disappeared… I swear!

Sorry about the blog silence here, but I am on the final crunch-down to leaving for my AppRetreat sabbatical.
Breaking Development was wonderful. I owe y’all my presentation, notes, and photos. Coming very soon.
Update: Presentation slides here and session notes + some slides here.
I had a birthday and so did this blog late last Tuesday the 24th and early on the 25th. The blog is 9 years old. Happy blog birthday!
I had a good time this weekend at the Family Retreat for my Grandpa Jim’s 90th birthday in Ojai.
Starting tomorrow: the madness of packing my apartment and putting it into storage so that I can leave on Saturday the 5th.
Also, if you are sad that you missed Breaking Development two weeks ago in Orlando, come to Mobilism! I am going to attend @mobilismconf 2012 in Amsterdam on May 10th & 11th as a start to my AppRetreat. If you want to go here’s a 10% off the registration fee: http://tinyurl.com/7kst27t