Gave My Notice and am off to a Self-Styled App Retreat

Wed 04.11.12 – This morning I went over to the post office on Main Street and sent a certified letter off to my landlord giving my 30 days notice that I would be giving up my apartment and moving in early May.
After four months of battling mold in my bedroom wood flooring to some avail and then to have it come back again as soon as it rains or gets foggy, I can’t go on sleeping and working in my living room and only having use of 60% of an small apartment. Living by the beach is very nice in the hot SoCal summer, but this winter has shown the downsides of cool and damp of the ocean air.
When the landlord sent a letter this week that the rent was being raised, I decided that it was time for me to go. Having mold in 40% of my home space has made it hard to live, work and sleep, as the mold triggers bad migraines for me. Living on Benadryl, migraine pills, and running a HEPA air filter is no way to have the motivation to complete anything other than a nap.
On top of the mold issues, I have been trying to get my two mobile apps done this spring, but daily life so close to friends and family when I work out of my home has been hard in the GTD arena. When I am working on a web site in HTML/CSS/JS, the daily life bits don’t really interfere as I can do web design in my sleep. But when I am programming an app, I need not just quiet to focus and concentrate but a whole block of at least 4-6 hours with no calls, drop-bys, requests etc if I want to get anything done.
Rather than finding another apartment immediately, I am going to pack up the rest of my living room and kitchen, put it in storage along with my bedroom stuff that is already at the storage space and then I am going to go on a 2-3 month coding retreat.
Right now I am still researching the where I will go, as I am looking for a studio apartment with wifi/internet to rent in Europe that are about 1.5x my current monthly rent. I will start my App Retreat in London in early May and wind up in mid-late June in Helsinki & Tampere. If finances allow, I may stay for July.
If you know of any good short-term apartment rental services or of a friend who needs a house sitter or to sub-let their place from May-July, please let me know!