And Where Has Ms. Jen Been?

And why has Ms. Jen been so quiet here and relatively quiet on Twitter the last two weeks…
Pre-March 22, 2012 – Work, get lots done, be content.
[geek humor follows /]

Thurs March 22nd – Nikon Rumors post on Best Buy & Nikon D800, start plotting and planning how to arrive at BB before anyone else. Have talk with self about now is not the time to buy a new camera, that it will be better to wait until later in the summer to buy a Nikon D800.
Fri March 23rd – 9:42am in the Best Buy Long Beach parking lot eyeing folks lined up outside Best Buy, wondering if they are competition. 10:04am put in order for Nikon D800 in the Best Buy warehouse. Told it will arrive 3/29 from warehouse, possibly earlier, notice to arrive by email. Go back to prepare for 1pm client meeting. Obsess about purchasing a DSLR that may or may not arrive next week.
Sat March 24th – Roll in a Day Challenge at E&T’s with Zeiss lenses, my Nikon FM3a SLR and Thomas’ Nikon D300s DSLR.
Sun March 25th – Get rolls processed. Start to do internet research on best FX lenses for the D800. Wonder if I will win the lottery and be able to purchase lenses.
Mon March 26th – Start watching compulsively checking email, go to Erika’s to pick up lenses to take to UPS for Thomas.
Tues March 27th – Take Gracie to Dog Beach, check email while at Dog Beach.
Wed March 28th – Start hopping out of skin waiting for Nikon D800. Have all mobiles out, charged and set to checking email.
Thurs March 29th – Go to Best Buy to find out why it isn’t here yet – told it will come tomorrow, have a good chat with brother Joe. Continue to check email.
Fri March 30th – Take Mom to LACMA for the ‘In Wonderland’ women surrealists of the Americas show, EMAIL BOILS as we arrive at LACMA. Exquisite torture of walking around a big exhibition as my new D800 is in LONG BEACH!!! Pick up Nikon D800 from Best Buy, open box, glad battery is partially charged, then take Mom to dinner at George’s, torment family with inattention as I re-set settings and add author & copyright info. Hang out that evening with Dan as he baby sits the girls. Take photos.
Sat March 31st – Fall down happy Nikon D800 hole. Discover Lightroom 3 does not read D800 photos if taken in RAW/NEF or JPG fine.
Sun April 1st – Fall down happy Lightroom 4 hole. Go to Nicole’s birthday party, leave D800 at home as I don’t want to alienate IRL friends. Fall down metadata hole.
Mon April 2nd – Dog Beach with Mom, the Dogs, and the D800. Fall down lightroom 4 hole after lunch with Mom. Be blown away by 100% crops of far away birds and moon that the D800 took with my cheap ‘nifty 50’ Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens. Fall down Keywording hole.
Tues April 3rd – Go visit Erika and little Lukas on their 1st day of transition after her parents leave. Take more photos. Show Erika the bird & moon 100% crops. Fall down how to best back up my 21GB of RAW files from 5 days of photos hole.
Wed April 4, 2012 – Return to work, life and blogging. Hide Nikon D800 from self. Start thinking on how to better organize my Lightroom workflow…
And yes… photos are coming… ;o)