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I have not disappeared… I swear!

Sorry about the blog silence here, but I am on the final crunch-down to leaving for my AppRetreat sabbatical.
Breaking Development was wonderful. I owe y’all my presentation, notes, and photos. Coming very soon.
Update: Presentation slides here and session notes + some slides here.
I had a birthday and so did this blog late last Tuesday the 24th and early on the 25th. The blog is 9 years old. Happy blog birthday!
I had a good time this weekend at the Family Retreat for my Grandpa Jim’s 90th birthday in Ojai.
Starting tomorrow: the madness of packing my apartment and putting it into storage so that I can leave on Saturday the 5th.
Also, if you are sad that you missed Breaking Development two weeks ago in Orlando, come to Mobilism! I am going to attend @mobilismconf 2012 in Amsterdam on May 10th & 11th as a start to my AppRetreat. If you want to go here’s a 10% off the registration fee:

Breaking Development: The Sessions, Slides & Notes

Tues 04.17.12 – Yesterday I was quite wrapped up in the nerves of presenting, today I took notes during the Breaking Development Orlando sessions and I have added in the presentations slide embeds as the various speakers have shared them.
My two favorite BDConf presentations from Monday the 16th was Guy Podjarny’sPerformance Implications of Mobile Design” and Stephen Hay’sResponsive Design Workflow“:

Per my usual, my notes are a paraphrase of what is being said during the presentation and what is on the slides, anything is quotes is a quote from the speaker rather than a paraphrase. The notes plus presentation slides can be found after the jump.


Breaking Development: A Minimalist’s Guide to the Mobile Web

Mon 04.16.12 – Here are the slides from my presentation on “A Minimalist’s Guide to the Mobile Web” from Breaking Development Orlando.
Here is the official description of the talk for the BDConf website: “Designing and developing for mobile devices can be overwhelming in the sheer amount of factors to consider. Questions of where get started or how to retool for fast and lovely mobile sites can send one screaming for the supposed safety of Webkit before running and hiding under an iOS rock. But such fear and trembling is unnecessary and we can go forth in confidence with the minimalist’s guide on data sipping as a legitimate lifestyle, serving responsive images, how to strip that code, and do I really need all this Javascript?”
A video the presentation will be available soon on the BDConf Vimeo channel.
If you are a mobile or web design and/or developer who really would love to attend a great one track, intimate conference on the mobile web, Breaking Development Dallas will held in September 2012.

Facebook, You Have Been Deleted!

Fri 04.13.12 – I deleted my Facebook account today. I have wanted to delete it since the first 15 minutes on Facebook book back in 2007. Today I did it with no regrets only a feeling of true relief.
I will let my Tweets tell the story, click on the links for each Tweet to see the conversations that followed:

8:28 AM – 13 Apr 12 Facebook only comments does not build community, it excludes. Looking at you @nokiaconnects. Give more commenting authentication options.

8:51 AM – 13 Apr 12 @nokiaconnects @texrat @ktneely Give the reader choice, don’t force them to up your boss’ stats for his/her ROI discussion with his/her boss

9:12 AM – 13 Apr 12 Is re-reading the instructions on how to Really and Truly Delete my Facebook account. Deleting will be my early birthday present to myself.

9:16 AM – 13 Apr 12 Done. Goodbye Facebook. I never loved you. Not even a little. 14 days my data will be gone too, not that there was much of it. #ExtraHappy

G+ Announcement on Breaking up with Facebook:

I pulled the Trigger or in this case a few clicks and a captcha and Deleted my Facebook account! I would specifically like to thank the +Nokia Connects folks for pushing me over the edge this morning with their switch to Facebook Comments only.

My G+ comment expanding on the whys:

+Valerie Lynn Yes, I jumped ship after threatening to do so for years.
+Abhinav Natarajan From the time I started on FB in 2007 or so, I really didn’t like it but felt forced to be on it. The way I managed my dislike was to only log in once every two weeks or once a month and stay on just about 15 mins to check in with folks I otherwise would never see online. I made sure that I didn’t have photos or any real content up as I don’t like their TOS and copyright. So, I never really used it to start with.
As FB has gotten more invasive, I have gotten more frustrated.
Per the usual, my true social media love is Twitter []. I remain on Flickr [] and Google Plus. ;o)
+Hector Hurtado I had my account deactivated for the 1st 18 months, I only activated it when I had to for a work event in 2008. And then it just snowballed into a place where many of my friends who don’t like being online but do like a nice closed sandbox (MySpace or FB) started posting. But in the 4 years since, having access to an occasional conversation with a person who is only on Facebook does not outweigh all the yuck/sh*t about FB.

For those of you who are now wondering where I will go online, I am not changing any of my ways, I am just taking out my once every month 15 min login to IrritationLand. And if you only have Facebook Comments on your blog or website, then sorry, no comment.
Per the usual, I can be found here on this blog, on Twitter, on Flickr, and on G+.
And a little humor…. The Oatmeal on “How to get more likes on Facebook

Gave My Notice and am off to a Self-Styled App Retreat

Wed 04.11.12 – This morning I went over to the post office on Main Street and sent a certified letter off to my landlord giving my 30 days notice that I would be giving up my apartment and moving in early May.
After four months of battling mold in my bedroom wood flooring to some avail and then to have it come back again as soon as it rains or gets foggy, I can’t go on sleeping and working in my living room and only having use of 60% of an small apartment. Living by the beach is very nice in the hot SoCal summer, but this winter has shown the downsides of cool and damp of the ocean air.
When the landlord sent a letter this week that the rent was being raised, I decided that it was time for me to go. Having mold in 40% of my home space has made it hard to live, work and sleep, as the mold triggers bad migraines for me. Living on Benadryl, migraine pills, and running a HEPA air filter is no way to have the motivation to complete anything other than a nap.
On top of the mold issues, I have been trying to get my two mobile apps done this spring, but daily life so close to friends and family when I work out of my home has been hard in the GTD arena. When I am working on a web site in HTML/CSS/JS, the daily life bits don’t really interfere as I can do web design in my sleep. But when I am programming an app, I need not just quiet to focus and concentrate but a whole block of at least 4-6 hours with no calls, drop-bys, requests etc if I want to get anything done.
Rather than finding another apartment immediately, I am going to pack up the rest of my living room and kitchen, put it in storage along with my bedroom stuff that is already at the storage space and then I am going to go on a 2-3 month coding retreat.
Right now I am still researching the where I will go, as I am looking for a studio apartment with wifi/internet to rent in Europe that are about 1.5x my current monthly rent. I will start my App Retreat in London in early May and wind up in mid-late June in Helsinki & Tampere. If finances allow, I may stay for July.
If you know of any good short-term apartment rental services or of a friend who needs a house sitter or to sub-let their place from May-July, please let me know!

Easter Saturday

Cousin Lynn Sister Allison Allison and cousin Greg hiding from the photographer Flowering cactus Flowering cactus with worm trails

Photos of family and flowers taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 and a 50mm f1.8D lens.

Sat 04.07.12 – Today my Mom, sister Allison, and I drove down to Palm Desert to have Easter Saturday lunch with my Mom’s cousins Lynn, Miriam, and Greg. Lynn’s house has a gorgeous Meyer’s Lemon tree and her next door neighbor had a front yard full of flowering cactus.
Lovely day and good company, excellent for taking photos. test test