Scruffy, Found a Sunny Spot on a Chilly Day

Scruffy sitting in a patch of sun at the back of the car

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sun 03.18.12 – Here in the coastal area of Southern California, we have very very few days that could actually be called cold, a few nights per year, but very few days. By cold, I mean temps below 50F/10C by 10am. By most standards in the temperate and northern areas, 50F/10C is relatively balmy, but please do remember that in the greater Los Angeles area when the temps drop below 65F/18C, most folks start whinging on about it being FREEZING and put on a parka with their flipflops or/and Ugg boots with their shorts.
Let me further whittle this down, since 1990, by cold I mean that there have only been two days where I could and did wear a wool sweater outside during the day, when the sun was out, as I went about my daily activities. There are at least 10 nights a winter season that I would wear a coat, be it wool or fleece, and fleece gloves when walking the dogs.
SoCal is known for its warm days and cool nights, so a night in the 40s F in the winter is not that rare near the coast, but cool days are rare.
Today, a winter storm from the north-east Pacific was pulling out with 17mpg winds and temps in the 45-48F range all morning. It was glorious. I wore my wood Icelandic style sweater with fleece gloves and a long sleeved shirt while walking the dogs in the 8-9am hour. I was wildly excited about real weather, rather than fake 65F wear ones Uggs weather.
Scruffy was not as excited about the chill as I was, as he has only one thin layer of hair. I suppose if my dream of moving north, as in 50-60 deg latitude north, comes true, I will have to either get Scruffy a down feather filled body bag that he can walk in, or he will have to stay in SoCal with my brother Joe.
Unfortunately, temperatures will return to a normal 68-78F in two days. Bastards.