A New Mobile Era

A new era in my professional life begins this month, as I have devolved my web design consultancy of the last 11.5 years and now take the leap into full-time mobile work.
Since the beginning of my web design career, due to my love of minimalism, my web sites worked on nascent mobile browsers, but my true love since late 2004 has been in all things mobile, particularly mobile software that enables users to create rather than just consume.
I have slowly but surely since 2006, been teaching myself and going to workshops and trainings in programming – Python, Qt/QML, among others – and now feel ready and confident in my skill level to take the leap into mobile software development – be that mobile web apps or native apps.
I do not presume to call myself an engineer, but instead a designer/developer hybrid whose strengths are in user experience & systems design, as well as coding/programming to a working application.
Mobile World Congress 2012 was an excellent conference for me to attend as I had an opportunity to talk to a wide variety of people in mobile development, be they a single developer, at an agency, or embedded in a large company creating mobile web sites/applications or mobile software development, and the feedback that I received on my plans and elevator pitch was positive.
Yes, I used the phrase ‘elevator pitch’. I didn’t know I had one until a business development fellow at Mobile Sunday asked me what I am doing, I told him, and he said, “Great elevator pitch! Good ideas!” That feedback was repeated several times over the course of MWC12.
The best part of MWC was the announcement of the Nokia PureView 808, not just for my camera phone addiction, but for my mobile creativity app plans as the PureView will be the perfect camera phone creation platform for my app, be it on Symbian or Windows Phone 8 (when it comes).
Wish me well and if you know of any angel investors who are funding imaging apps, let me know.

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