Jason Goh Jumping!

Photo of Jason Goh jumping at La Familia Sagrada taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sun 02.26.12 – The above photo of Jason (@smashpop) jumping at the La Familia Sagrada best describes the whole day. I walked down to the Fira de Barcelona to pick up my MWC badge and meet Clinton Jeff to get the audio gear I brought him to him. Rafe Blandford, Dan Carter and Nirave joined us, we toddled across the street to TapaTapa for lunch, where Trent, Jason, and Lester joined us.
After a delightful lunch, most went back over to the Fira for various press conferences but Jason, Lester, Trent and I did a 4+ km walk from the Fira to the La Familia Sagrada to stretch our legs and take lots of photos. It was good fun.