Homai Vyarawalla, Photographer

Homai Vyarawalla passed away in January at 98 years old, a photographer and photojournalist whose career was based out of Delhi and Bombay from the 1930s through to 1970. A woman who blazed paths both as a photographer, an artist, a photo journalist documenting India’s struggle for Independence and the years following, as well as a contemporary to many of the great women of the early and mid-20th Century. A woman of vision, strong will and agency.
I first heard of Ms. Vyarawalla passing on PRI’s The World yesterday while driving, and her story caused me to search for more information and images today. Several of Vyarawalla’s images are recognizable to any afficionado of 20th Century history and culture.
The New York Times has an obituary and an India Ink post entitled Homai Vyarawalla, ‘First Lady of the Lens’ with photos.
The Hindu has a lovely personal memorial in Farewell Homai Vyarawalla.
The BBC has a great slideshow of Vyarawalla’s photography.
Look, read, and celebrate a life well photographed.