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The End of the Sidewalk in Buttonwillow

The End of the last sidewalk in Buttonwillow

Sat 01.21.12 – Today Erika, Scruffy, and I drove my brother’s truck from the Los Angeles area up to Pleasanton, California, to Vicky and Ed Wilson’s for a short visit and to pick up some furniture. It was a short trip, enlivened greatly by Erika using my mobile to check into the most fun and/or bizarre venues on Foursquare.
The above photo was my favorite from the weekend, taken with walking Scruffy in Buttonwillow with my Nokia N8.

Stop SOPA Internet Blackout Day

Wed 01.18.12 – Today was the day that many websites, large & small, blacked out and linked folks to information on protesting the current bills before the US Senate on SOPA/PIPA.
The most cohesive messages today were from Google, Wikipedia, and the EFF. If you haven’t been following the debate, go read those links.
The best cartoons of the day were from The Oatmeal and Ed Stein.

Sunday, The 15th of January 2012

Mom watching the surf, Scruffy watching the road
Sun 01.15.12 – I am 13 days behind in blogging the photos from my holiday to London & Edinburgh. It was a vacation in every sense, including a vacation from my blog. Oops.
I took over 500 photos, but will in the next few days post the best and the brightest of the lot here along with some text for each day.
Please excuse me while I now succumb to jet lag and fall asleep at least two or three hours before my normal bedtime.
Photo of my Mom watching the surf and Scruffy watching the road taken this afternoon on the edge of Dog Beach with my Nokia N8.