A Few Small Tidbits Left in My Brain from Qt Dev Days

A few small tidbits bouncing around my brain from this week’s Qt Dev Days 2011 SF:
* One of the things that made me quite happy is that the grand majority of the presenters were using Linux OS of one sort or another on their laptops and a minority had Macbook Pros or Airs. To the best of my knowledge, none of the presentations I saw were run off a Windows laptop. A silly detail, but it still makes me happy. I have a special part of my heart reserved for Linux and Ubuntu, as it was my first toddlings around Ubuntu Breezy Badger that really kicked me deep into wanting to learn to program rather than just script sculpt.
* I am still curious what the Nokia “Qt for the next billion” slogan really means. Mr. Mathers said that it will not be to S40 but to smartphones and that the strategy will be revealed next year. Will Microsoft relent and allow Qt to have a publish to Mango project tab?
* Per the usual with conferences, the best conversations were had at breaks, in the hallways, and at the parties. I am still chewing on and thinking about a few of the ideas and challenges that some smart folk inserted in my brain during these conversations.
* And for the mild humor tidbit… If there is Qt Quick and Qt, I wonder if Qt Slow only uses Terminal and Vi/Vim?