The First Camellia of the Season a Few Months Early

November 17, 2011 - First big Camellia blossom of the Seal Beach non-winter
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N950.

Thurs 11.17.11 – The one block of south-east and 2 blocks of south facing front line of houses in Seal Beach have an interesting little micro-climate where one home owner has roses and camellias all winter long and another can grow bananas and tomatoes around Christmas time. Go one block away from the south facing ocean front and no one can grow bananas no matter how hard they try, although my next door neighbor Earl does try to convince his stunted banana tree to grow.
The camellia bush on the south-east Anaheim Bay side always blooms in late December-early January, usually a month before the camellias at the Huntington Library and Gardens, the last two years it has bloomed in mid-December.
Today is the 17th of November and there are three big red, showy camellias’ on that bush. Hello early over-performer! Hello micro-climate!
Hello Seal Beach, the land of a flower blooming somewhere in town every day of the year.
And yes to answer your question that you are thinking right now in your head, we have no real winter to speak of here in Seal Beach, just some fog and chilly-esque 55F degree nights. As Ryan says, “It’s Seal Beach cold.” Which means, not cold enough to scare the bananas away.