Not Black Friday, But the First Day of the Christmas Lights Season

Mitch & Linda's Xmas Lights Decor being installed The First Night of Xmas Lights
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Fri 11.25.11 – While many retail stores and chains trot out their Christmas decor before Thanksgiving or even Halloween, decorum dictates that one should at least wait until the day after Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving weekend to put up one’s Xmas lights and decor.
This morning Mitch, Linda, and some of Mitch’s electrician colleagues were installing their annual Christmas lights and animated figurine extravaganza. Each year for the last three years, Mitch and Linda say this will be the last year of their putting up the whole kit and caboodle of lights and figurines, but each year it gets installed once again.
I am heartily glad that Mitch, his electrician friends, and Linda put in the time, effort and dollars to light up the neighborhood in such a fancifuly and delightful way.
The Holiday Season has now officially started!