Nokia N9 / N950 Tips and Tricks, Part I : Links for You, Designers & Developers!

I have been compiling a list of links for how to use, design, and develop for the Nokia N9 / N950. The first section tips and tricks is for anyone with a Nokia N9, the second section is links for Nokia N9/N950 designers and developers, and the third is Nokia N950 specific.
Tomorrow, I will publish a list of blogs and podcasts that I have found to be a font of information on the Nokia N9/N950, Harmattan, creating N9 apps in Qt.
If you have any tips and tricks links for the Nokia N9 or N950, be it for users or designers & developers, tell us about it the comments.
Nokia N9 and Nokia N950 general interest topics for everyone:
The Nokia N9 Swipe site:
Nokia N9 UX Gestures – click on DEMOS (I found the gesture demos invaluable in the first hour of using the N950):
Nokia N9 MeeGo/Harmattan Swipe UI Tips and Tricks
Nokia N950 Close Apps:
Using Firefox Mobile on the Nokia N9 (I have been using a version of mobile FF from Sept on the Nokia N950 and it is great)
N9 Swipe undocumented feature; activate sane behavior (How to set the Swipe behavior to the gestures you want)
How to Take Screenshots on Nokia N9 with ScreenshotMee
FM Radio App

Nokia N9 and Nokia N950 Developer and Designer topics:
Nokia N9 UX Guidelines (Designers & Developers, start here):
Harmattan Icon Generator:
Develop for the Nokia N9
Meego 1.2 Harmattan Developer Library
Gain Root: devel-su | rootme
Intro to Nokia MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Qt Quick components
Qt Quick Components – Define a baseline Item set as common API between different component style implementations
QtInfo Project – Download the Harmattan deb for Qtinfo
Ariya’s Qt Code Samples
How To Enable Developer Mode, Become Root and Install Opera Mobile 11 on the Nokia N9
Connecting MeeGo Harmattan Devices to Qt (The first time, I had to re-do the steps a few times to get my Mac OS X machine and the N950 to talk properly)
Using Maemo or MeeGo Harmattan Emulator (Sometimes the emulator will run for me on Mac OS X and sometimes it will crash, easier to deploy to N950 than use the emulator as of Oct 2011)
Nokia N950 specific topics (some may be deprecated in Beta 2):
Migrating from N900 to N950
Nokia N950 – How To Remove Developer Edition Branding
Nokia N950 – How to Set Homescreen Landscape
Nokia N950 Keyboard Shortcuts:
The N950 supports some useful hardware keyboard shortcuts, including:
Ctrl + Q – close the current application
Ctrl + Shift + P – take a screenshot (this only works for some applications, see here for more details)
Ctrl + Shift + F – show / hide FPS (frames per second) indication
Ctrl + Shift + L – cycle through enabled languages
Fn (lower leftmost key with arrow) + Backspace – switches from to the previous screen (usually task switcher or app launcher view)
start typing in any of the home screens – launches Search application with the text you typed.
Additionally, there as some shortcuts useful for software developers:
Ctrl + Shift + T – shows/hides positions of some UI elements
Ctrl + Shift + S – shows/hides dimensions of some UI elements
Ctrl + Shift + B – show/hide borders
Ctrl + Shift + M – show/hide margins
Ctrl + Shift + N – show/hide names of some UI elements.
Nokia N950 OneClickFlasher for Firmware Version 39-5