Yesterday, my mom, sister, and I went to what my mom calls ‘soul comfort food’ for a rainy day – Ashoka the Great in Artesia.
I love the dal makhani at the Ashoka the Great’s buffet, as it is a thick multiple bean stew/curry perfect to put on top of rice and just on the edge of my ginger capacity. The cooks put 1/8″ fresh ginger cubes in the dal and while it is tasty, it is almost too much ginger for me.
My mom loves fresh ginger and loves lots of it. Through much of my teen years she would use nearly a whole root in dinner which was too much for my palate, as the dish would seer my tongue with ginger fire. If I would complain she would tell me that she didn’t really put much in at all.
Seeing all the ginger in yesterday’s dal, I encouraged her to go get some, when she came back from the buffet and sat down I saw that her dal had many ginger chunks in it. She ate about half her dal and then told me, “I don’t taste any ginger in this.”