This Photo from the Nokia World 2011 Party is so Full of Win!


Regardless of how I personally feel about the Nokia-Windows alliance, the above photo is SO FULL OF WIN that it makes my whole day happy.
On the left in the slightly rumpled-it-is-the-end-of-a-long-day suit, smiling away is Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia.
In the center with his thumb up is everyone’s fave happy, enthusiastic blogger, Mr. Clinton Jeff.
Why Full of Win?
1) How many CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies run around towards the middle or end of the yearly company conference party rather than be in the extra special VIP area?
2) How many CEO’s would pose towards the end of said party with happy, excited overly caffeinated bloggers?
3) How many humans on the planet would say to said CEO, “Hi, will take a photo with us?!?!?!?” Clinton would. This is why we love CJ, he has got cajones.
4) Rewind 15 months ago to 4 years ago, would OPK have posed for this photo and actually looked HAPPY? No.
Mr. Elop has now risen in my estimation. Now if he would resurrect Harmattan/Meego…

3 thoughts on “This Photo from the Nokia World 2011 Party is so Full of Win!

  1. Well- Elop does look happier there, and things would have been different if I tried to get this photo 15 months ago I’m sure, but at least 2008 was a pretty good time…

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