Pacific Standard Time and Photos from Wandering Around the Getty Today

Travertine blocks and Crow
Walking up to the Getty Center entrance Erika and TM4 View of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island Rebar and Bougainvillea Stream Three Squares Gyratory The Water Maze and Gardens Looking up into a Belladonna flower Color Contrast Curly vine flower Tram stop in golden light Sculpture in the last bright light

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Fri 10.07.11 – This afternoon, Erika and I went to the Getty Center to see the Crosscurrents Paintings in the Pacific Standard Time exhibit and we walked out to the Getty’s gardens to see the sculpture that was also a part of the PST exhibition and to wander around the maze area.
The afternoon was the perfect Los Angeles weather right after a rain storm has pulled out and the air is sparkly, the surfaces clean, and the view spectacular. The best time to go to the Getty.
I recommend if you live in SoCal or are visiting any time in the next six months to get out to one or more of the various Pacific Standard Time art exhibitions that are in museums and galleries in LA, Orange County, Palm Springs, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. The scope of modern and contemporary (1945 -1990) that was made in Southern California in so many different spaces is monumental.
Two weeks ago, Erika and I went to see the Sam Maloof PST show at the Huntington, the Crosscurrents Painting exhibition at the Getty today, and sometime within the next few weeks I will be going to MOCA to see “Under the Big Black Sun: California Art 1974 – 1981” as Kim Vollstedt has recommended it. Anyone want to join me?