Nokia World 2011 : Alvetica and Ms. Jen’s Improbable but hopeful prediction of announcements

Next Wednesday at 9am GMT, Nokia’s CEO and various other humans will get on a stage at London’s EXPO and make Big and Great Announcements concerning Nokia and its Future at the annual Nokia World. Big, Grand, CEO type announcements.
The kind of announcements that set the tone for the next year or two or more. Announcements that will either win the faithful and the masses back to Nokia or the kind that will fall of meh ears. Announcements that will either excite or horrify designers and developers who are so crucial to the success of the ‘ecosystem’.
In the face of such high expectation, Al P and I, while sitting at Berlin cafe this morning, cooked up five probable or improbable but hopeful announcements that could come out of Nokia World next week:
1) Announcement of next Harmattan commercial release, preferably of the already existing Nokia N950 dev phone, as it is very desired.
2) Nokia N8 refresh with 12mp or higher, autofocus Carl Zeiss lens, Xenon flash, 2.2f stop, 4″ screen, with green & red call buttons. We would prefer the OS be Belle, but due to current Windowsphilia conditions, most likely Mango.
3) High end phone with physical landscape qwerty keyboard with tilt screen. Too many danged slab touch only phones out on market with so little differentiation. This could also be combined with #1.
4) Meltemi gets announced and it is a stripped down core of Maemo that has S40’s data sipping and battery longevity talents. Then all feature phones apps can be built on Qt.
5) A Metro (Windows 8) Tablet. 10″, ARM dual core, …[At this point Al and Jen disagree on screen resolution, price, etc.]
It should be interesting to see or hear about. Will any of Al and I’s improbable predictions come true?
As a side note, Ms. Jen wants to know why the Nokia World Developer’s track is only 1/4 of the event and is fairly weak in its offerings? Nokia, don’t just send us to Microsoft, keep us on board with you and with contact & events from you.