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This Photo from the Nokia World 2011 Party is so Full of Win!


Regardless of how I personally feel about the Nokia-Windows alliance, the above photo is SO FULL OF WIN that it makes my whole day happy.
On the left in the slightly rumpled-it-is-the-end-of-a-long-day suit, smiling away is Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia.
In the center with his thumb up is everyone’s fave happy, enthusiastic blogger, Mr. Clinton Jeff.
Why Full of Win?
1) How many CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies run around towards the middle or end of the yearly company conference party rather than be in the extra special VIP area?
2) How many CEO’s would pose towards the end of said party with happy, excited overly caffeinated bloggers?
3) How many humans on the planet would say to said CEO, “Hi, will take a photo with us?!?!?!?” Clinton would. This is why we love CJ, he has got cajones.
4) Rewind 15 months ago to 4 years ago, would OPK have posed for this photo and actually looked HAPPY? No.
Mr. Elop has now risen in my estimation. Now if he would resurrect Harmattan/Meego…

To Bishop and Back Again

Northbound of US Hwy 395 in the Owens Valley The eastside of the Sierra Nevada Mtns The White Mountains at sunset Colors of dusk settling over Bishop Colonel watching Mom cook The pond in my Mom's front yard Erika Visiting South Lake with Rachel, Erika, et al Scruffy gets flyaway ear hair from the dry air Mom and Amigo A wee bit more of fall leaf colors before departure

Thurs 10.27.11 – Yesterday and today, Erika and I made a whirlwind roadtrip from LA to Bishop to see the fall colors, get out of the big city, visit Rachel & Glenn’s new baby, and see my Mom at her house. It was a good fun adventure, the baby is extra cute, the fall colors lovely, and as usual the Sierra Nevada mtns were majestic.
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Nokia World 2011 : Alvetica and Ms. Jen’s Improbable but hopeful prediction of announcements

Next Wednesday at 9am GMT, Nokia’s CEO and various other humans will get on a stage at London’s EXPO and make Big and Great Announcements concerning Nokia and its Future at the annual Nokia World. Big, Grand, CEO type announcements.
The kind of announcements that set the tone for the next year or two or more. Announcements that will either win the faithful and the masses back to Nokia or the kind that will fall of meh ears. Announcements that will either excite or horrify designers and developers who are so crucial to the success of the ‘ecosystem’.
In the face of such high expectation, Al P and I, while sitting at Berlin cafe this morning, cooked up five probable or improbable but hopeful announcements that could come out of Nokia World next week:
1) Announcement of next Harmattan commercial release, preferably of the already existing Nokia N950 dev phone, as it is very desired.
2) Nokia N8 refresh with 12mp or higher, autofocus Carl Zeiss lens, Xenon flash, 2.2f stop, 4″ screen, with green & red call buttons. We would prefer the OS be Belle, but due to current Windowsphilia conditions, most likely Mango.
3) High end phone with physical landscape qwerty keyboard with tilt screen. Too many danged slab touch only phones out on market with so little differentiation. This could also be combined with #1.
4) Meltemi gets announced and it is a stripped down core of Maemo that has S40’s data sipping and battery longevity talents. Then all feature phones apps can be built on Qt.
5) A Metro (Windows 8) Tablet. 10″, ARM dual core, …[At this point Al and Jen disagree on screen resolution, price, etc.]
It should be interesting to see or hear about. Will any of Al and I’s improbable predictions come true?
As a side note, Ms. Jen wants to know why the Nokia World Developer’s track is only 1/4 of the event and is fairly weak in its offerings? Nokia, don’t just send us to Microsoft, keep us on board with you and with contact & events from you.