The Nokia N9 is Released

Thur 09.29.11 – The long awaited Nokia N9 with much talked about Swipe UI and the Meego/Harmattan OS has now started to ship or will be in a store near you within the next two weeks. Well, in a shop near you if you live in Sweden, Finland, Pakistan, Kazakistan, or China, but if you live in the US, UK, Germany or many other places you are f*ck3d unto the very Ballmer. Yep, only MacroSquish for you if you live in Western Europe or the Western Hemisphere.
Order the Nokia N9 online, even if your local shop doesn’t carry it, it is worth it. The Swipe UI is beautiful and very usable, the hardware delish, and Maemo’s Harmattan with a touch of Meego goodness hiding behind all the UI swipe is a geek’s delight. I have had the Nokia N950 developer phone for two weeks now and it causes mobile envy even in the most dedicated iAddict. If the Nokia N950 turns heads…
Hello lovely little Nokia N9, welcome. Go forth and prosper.

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