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Two notable things from today:
1) Soft launch of Alex’s new website. A few more iterations are needed tomorrow before I will be really happy.
2) An elderly lady, 70+, in a bronze sequined outfit tried to steal Scruffy McDoglet this evening!!!! Really. It was astounding.
I was in Walt’s having a glass of wine & chatting with a friend, Scruffy was parked outside in my line of site, laying on the sidewalk, when the lady in question and her friends tried to abscond with Scruffy. When confronted by a waiter who is also a friend, she claimed I was neglecting Scruffy by having him outside.
Sorry, lady, it is against California law for a dog to be in a restaurant and he was just fine until you decided to wind him up, unhook his leash and try to take off with him.
The dog-stealer-to-be then had the chutzpah to argue with me, the waiter, and my friend. Crazy!
I had to put Scruffy in my friend’s car, as the lady’s two friends would not leave him be.
Is the Leisure World set so hard up for small, cute dogs that they are stealing them from Seal Beach’s Central Ave when tied up to a pole in full view of the owner???
Scruff is now safely asleep on the couch.

12 Days: 2 Trips to NorCal, 2 Conferences, 1 Dev Party, and a Bit of Pain

08.25.11 - Nokia Dev Party & Calling All Innovators Awards Dennis getting a Demo of Different Track by Kalle Maatta Chanse & Mario yucking it up for the camera at the Nokia Dev Party Driving back home to LA via the 152 Fabulously decorated 'chopper' as seen in Culver City The attack of the sprinkler 08.29.11 - The first signs of Autumn Walking up a street in San Francisco on my way to Mobile 2.0 Look who I found at Mobile 2.0? Dennis! Cousin Will and the Cat that is not Chubs My favorite sycamore/plane tree on the Greenbelt

All photos taken from 08.25.11 to 09.04.11 by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

In the last 12 days, I have driven to Sunnyvale for the Nokia Dev Party, spoken at the Mobile Javascript Summit online conference, fallen down a stair and wrenched my back, flown to San Francisco to attend Mobile 2.0, launched one web site and working on another launch, and spent a bit too much time icing & heating my back.
Note to self: do not fall down stair. Yes, that one stair did more damage than a whole flight.
I really enjoyed the two mobile conferences and the Nokia Dev Party. It is exciting and encouraging to talk to other folks who are designing & developing for, and passionate about mobile. While it was amazing to workshop at Mobile 2.0 with other mobile designers and developers in person, the Mobile Javascript Summit was also very encouraging not only learn but also to see & participate the interaction in the chat area.
Regardless if you are designing or developing for native apps or the mobile web or the one web, this moment in time is very exciting as we can and could and will be pioneering whole new worlds, even if it might be small, handheld ones.
Big thanks to all the fine folk that I have talked with, met for the first time, or been able to catch up with the last 12 days.

Green on Green

Gracie in a green dress & boots climbing on the green gate
Sun 09.04.11 – Photo of Gracie climbing on the gate taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.