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Nokia N950 – Initial Thoughts

Tammy, Ryan, and Solomon
Photo of Tammy, Ryan, and Solomon taken by Ms. Jen this afternoon with a Nokia N950 camera phone.

Mon 09.12.11 – This morning DHL delivered a Nokia N950 developer mobile wonder-kin to my doorstep. The Nokia N950 is the nDrool device that I have been hoping for out of Nokia for the last few years: Great camera + physical keyboard with a tilt screen + maemo/meego linux based OS.
The Nokia N950 is the next few logical steps from the N900 and while still very geeky it is also consumer ready. It is a true shame that Nokia is choosing to only release this device to a few selected developers and not to general, worldwide release.
After playing with the the Swipe UI, the camera, browser, downloading apps, and getting myself acquainted with the various on-board dev tools today, I would feel very comfortable in giving the Nokia N950 to anyone I know who likes smartphones.
The thing that surprised me the most is how high quality the camera is on the N950 is even without the branded Carl Zeiss lens. I love the camera software UI and have been getting really nice photos all day long. I very much look forward to the N9 with Zeiss optics.
Meego/Maemo + the Swipe UI = A lovely lovely Mobile. I look forward to creating for the Nokia N950 and N9.
Dear Nokia, the Nokia N950 and N9 are ready for the worldwide mass market, don’t miss out on selling lots of devices in your current love for all things MS. I have played with the Windows phone and was bored in less than 5 mins, I still have the N950 in my hands after nine hours of discovery play.
Big thanks to all the folks who have been working diligently on the Nokia N950 and N9. And mille grazie to the good folk(s) at Nokia Developer for sending me a Nokia N950.
This blog post is brought to you by the N950’s web browser, sftp in the terminal, and me tiptapping away on the actual real live keyboard.
Photo of Belle taken with the N950 at less than 5 inches away from earlier today, sent to Flickr.

Go Create.

The Best of Buttonwillow or Bust

Starting off the Road Trip: Allison & Jen Big Fluffy Clouds before Gorman My Sister Allison at Tita's in Buttonwillow Between the Tule Elk Reserve and Elk Hills Driving back towards the Grapevine Pyramid Lake from the Visitor's Center Downtown Los Angeles The 110/105 interchange as seen from the 110 southbound

Sun 09.11.11 – The best of the photos from Allison and I’s road trip to Buttonwillow today. We left Huntington Beach at 11am, drove north on the 405 to the Interstate 5 take photos and Qik videos along the way, until we arrived in Buttonwillow, Calif., at 1:24pm to go have lunch at Tita’s Pupuseria. This was a zany, dada-esque road trip to make Buttonwillow the road trip destination rather than the road stop.
After lunch we drove to the Tule Elk Reserve, then southbound along Elk Hills, eastbound along the 119 to Old River, southbound on Old River Rd to Copas Road to Murray Family Farms farmstand for some fresh fruit, back on the southbound I-5, to Fort Tejon, and last but not least, we stopped at the Vista de Lago Vistor’s center at Pyramid Lake before finishing the afternoon with a drive-by of downtown Los Angeles.
After a bit of disappointment in the past, I gave Qik video a try again today taking about 15 or so videos that were streamed to Qik’s servers. As per my past Qik experiences, I returned from my adventures frustrated that Qik would not play the videos and that there are no saved video files on my phone. Next time I will video with the phone, come home, stitch the videos together and upload to Vimeo. Qik is too unreliable and I now have no access to my videos of the day.
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.


The post I wrote last night on 9.11 and then published this morning, I have set back to draft as I need to work on it a bit more. Given that I leave soon for the zany Buttonwillow road trip, I will do a bit of editing/re-writing and re-publish this evening.
Have a lovely day.

Buttonwillow or Bust

Updated Sat 09.17.11 – One week ago late on Saturday the 10th of September, I wrote the following personal essay piece about the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Within hours of publishing it, I turned it back to draft as I wasn’t ready for it to go live, especially not on the day that was meant to remember the dead and thank the living rescuers and heroes.
What I was trying to communicate with this piece is my anger and frustration at the media, Bush administration, loss of freedoms (for what? more fear?) and culture clash politics that have erupted in the ten years since. My own reaction on Sun 09.11.11 was to participate in a wee bit of dada-esque absurdism with my sister and not to listen to / watch / consume any of the media’s disaster porn.
As I stated in the essay, I am not angry or frustrated at those who died nor their loved ones, but at our cultural and governmental responses.
Am now republishing.