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Nokia N950 – Initial Thoughts

Tammy, Ryan, and Solomon
Photo of Tammy, Ryan, and Solomon taken by Ms. Jen this afternoon with a Nokia N950 camera phone.

Mon 09.12.11 – This morning DHL delivered a Nokia N950 developer mobile wonder-kin to my doorstep. The Nokia N950 is the nDrool device that I have been hoping for out of Nokia for the last few years: Great camera + physical keyboard with a tilt screen + maemo/meego linux based OS.
The Nokia N950 is the next few logical steps from the N900 and while still very geeky it is also consumer ready. It is a true shame that Nokia is choosing to only release this device to a few selected developers and not to general, worldwide release.
After playing with the the Swipe UI, the camera, browser, downloading apps, and getting myself acquainted with the various on-board dev tools today, I would feel very comfortable in giving the Nokia N950 to anyone I know who likes smartphones.
The thing that surprised me the most is how high quality the camera is on the N950 is even without the branded Carl Zeiss lens. I love the camera software UI and have been getting really nice photos all day long. I very much look forward to the N9 with Zeiss optics.
Meego/Maemo + the Swipe UI = A lovely lovely Mobile. I look forward to creating for the Nokia N950 and N9.
Dear Nokia, the Nokia N950 and N9 are ready for the worldwide mass market, don’t miss out on selling lots of devices in your current love for all things MS. I have played with the Windows phone and was bored in less than 5 mins, I still have the N950 in my hands after nine hours of discovery play.
Big thanks to all the folks who have been working diligently on the Nokia N950 and N9. And mille grazie to the good folk(s) at Nokia Developer for sending me a Nokia N950.
This blog post is brought to you by the N950’s web browser, sftp in the terminal, and me tiptapping away on the actual real live keyboard.
Photo of Belle taken with the N950 at less than 5 inches away from earlier today, sent to Flickr.

Go Create.