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Le Sigh… Blogging Slipped Away From Me, Again

The last two weeks have been very intense with the finishing up & delivery of a (mobile) web site, several sets of big family events (2 sets of birthdays), and then an old friend from college getting married.
I have lots of photos to post, I have a Nokia N9/N950 Tips & Tricks post for you all, as well as a few other posts on the back burner & on the to do list.

The Nokia N9 is Released

Thur 09.29.11 – The long awaited Nokia N9 with much talked about Swipe UI and the Meego/Harmattan OS has now started to ship or will be in a store near you within the next two weeks. Well, in a shop near you if you live in Sweden, Finland, Pakistan, Kazakistan, or China, but if you live in the US, UK, Germany or many other places you are f*ck3d unto the very Ballmer. Yep, only MacroSquish for you if you live in Western Europe or the Western Hemisphere.
Order the Nokia N9 online, even if your local shop doesn’t carry it, it is worth it. The Swipe UI is beautiful and very usable, the hardware delish, and Maemo’s Harmattan with a touch of Meego goodness hiding behind all the UI swipe is a geek’s delight. I have had the Nokia N950 developer phone for two weeks now and it causes mobile envy even in the most dedicated iAddict. If the Nokia N950 turns heads…
Hello lovely little Nokia N9, welcome. Go forth and prosper.

Nokia N950: Teddy and Belle

Nokia N950: Teddy Nokia N950: Belle

Fri 09.16.11 – Doing a little dogsitting while reading Meego 1.2/Harmattan Docs and Getting Started guides on how to get the Qt SDK on my Mac to talk to and deploy a .deb package to the Nokia N950. Building and deployment to the N950 work just fine on the danged WinXP install on Virtual Box but not on the native Mac side…. Grrrrr…

I would also like to note that the fugly apartment carpet is clashing badly with my newly inherited cabbage rose couch from my Grandma. Couch needs a slipcover and rather than new carpet, I vote for a new apartment! ;o)

TidBits :: The N950’s Camera, Monetization & the Mobile Web, and Hoodies in September

Three thoughts floating around my head this morning while eating breakfast and reading the weekly Seal Beach Sun:
1) For all of my gushing two days ago, after spending some time with the Nokia N950 the camera is very good but not great like the N8. The resolution, color, and clarity on the N8 is definitely superior but the N950 has a nice look to the photos that I do like.
2) At Mobile 2.0’s end of conf cocktails, I had a conversation with Mike Rowehl of Mobile Monday SV and Churn labs about wanting to develop for the mobile web or native apps. Mike said that the stop up on developing for the mobile web for many devs was monetization. I made a joke that I was satisfied as long as I wasn’t living in my car or had moved back home at 40-something. We both laughed, but I could see that monetization meant something else to him entirely.
The conversation keeps coming back to me when thinking about the mobile web: why right now devs prefer to create native apps and what in the heck does monetization really mean any way?
Does monetization mean that I can be self-supporting as an app developer and not have to be taking on clients (my definition)? Does it mean the dev can use the money to buy a house and hire a few employees? Does it mean turning the app(s) into a full blown business? A business that then gets sold to a larger business for a large sum and then you get to join the big cats in Los Gatos?
What thinkest thou?
3) Once again the Seal Beach Sun’s Crime Log has produced a pick of the litter winner this morning:
“Monday, Sept 5, 2011 – Rossmoor – Suspicious Person or Circumstances – 10:55am – Kensington Road – The caller requested a patrol check for a man wearing a hoodie who was walking on the Gertrude side of the elementary school. The caller said there has been a recent increase in crimes, including a robbery involving men in dark hoodies. The caller that it was suspicious for someone to be wearing a hoodie at all in September.”
Now before you get all upset about hooding profiling, please remember that this is September in Southern California, our hottest month of the year with temps in the 90s to 100s and higher. And the caller was right, anyone wearing a hoodie with the hood up in 90+ temps is cruising for a minor Darwin Award in the heat stroke category.