Turkey v. Nokia N8, Who Wins?

Inquisitive Hen Turkey at the OC Fair

Photo taken by Ms. Jen at the OC Fair livestock barns with her Nokia N8.

Sat 07.23.11 – This morning my Mom and I went to the Orange County Fair for the FFA/4H Junior Livestock auction. It was good to see so many local teenagers involved in animal husbandry, particularly in a county known more for trophy wives, Republicans, and botox than for raising lambs, hogs, goats, turkeys, chickens, and steers at one’s local high school. Before we started raising ego’d stucco’d mcmansions and silicon body parts, Orange County had some of the richest farm land in the country. Luckily that is not all past.
We bid on and won two lambs at the auction, a 111 lb lamb from the La Habra FFA raised by Manuel M and a 120 lb lamb, Thor, from the Mission Viejo FFA raised by Ta Tyanna H. The proceeds of the auction go towards the kid’s college funds. Good luck to Manuel M. and Ta Tyanna H!
Above photo of the 2011 Grand Champion Hen Turkey by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.