More on Meego 1.2 on my Nokia N900 – The Photo Edition

Testing the N900's camera with the Meego dual boot: Ryan in the bright sun Testing the N900's camera with the Meego dual boot: Tammy in the bright sun Testing the N900's camera with the Meego dual boot: Belle inside

Sat 07.02.11 – This Wednesday, I installed the Meego 1.2 ‘MidSummer’ Community release on to my Nokia N900’s microSD memory card. My first act after booting up to the Meego side of the dual boot was to take photos to see how the N900’s camera ran on Meego. The outdoor photos of neighbors Ryan and Tammy results were amusing as the light sensor didn’t know what to do with strong sun v. shade, but the indoor photo of Belle turned out as nice as any photo taken on the Maemo 5 side of the Nokia N900.
The problem I encounted the last couple of days since Wednesday, is that due to the fact that Meego 1.2 wrote the photo files to the microSD MMC card that the OS itself is living on and I was unable to get the photos off as bluetooth on the Meego partition was not interested in talking to my MacBook and USB cable only saw the N900’s Maemo 5 side of the partition, I couldn’t get the photos off to show y’all.
At the urging of Jukka Eklund (@jukkaeklund) and Randall Arnold (@texrat) on Twitter, I posted a what is best practices question on the Meego Forum. The nice folks at the Meego forum suggested SCP to transfer my trapped photos to a server, this morning I ended up using SFTP on the N900 Meego’s Terminal app to transfer the photos to my server and now to the world, or this blog post as the case may be.
Once I solve my Qt/deb/Meego issues that I talked about in my forum question, I will *hopefully* have a branched version of d-pointer’s Quickflickr that will work on the N900’s Meego side so I can send my photos directly to Flickr.
But not today, as I am helping my Mom move into her new summer beach apartment this afternoon.