CampCamp 8.0

Friday, Hwy 395, Joshua Tree, Driving to CampCamp 8.0 Friday, Hwy 395, Eastside of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Driving to CampCamp 8.0 Friday, Dinner stop in Bishop, Amigo the Dog, Driving to CampCamp 8.0 Friday, Arrived at CampCamp 8.0, Jonathan and Jason Saturday, Photowalk with Winnie and Jenny, Truckee, CA Wildflowers and the Truckee River Saturday, Photowalk with Jason and Sergio Sergio and Scruffy The Truckee River Winnie and MJ Jenny listening to Jason explain the rules of Dominion Dominion cards Annie's newly knitted socks for the future Hoffman-Kim baby MJ tries on the baby's new socks Saturday night camp fire, Sergio takes photos of family Hoffman-Kim Annie and Jackson by the Campfire Beetle trails Sunday morning, CampCamp 8.0, Jackson makes breakfast Scruffy cozies up with a roll of paper towels and MJ's fleece jacket Sunday, Jason takes Amelia for an after breakfast walk CampCamp over, driving around Lake Tahoe CampCamp over, driving back home via Monitor Pass Passing Monitor Pass, looking down into the Walker Valley Sunday night dinner stop in Bridgeport, Mono County Court House, built 1880

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Friday 07.15.11 to Sunday 07.17.11 was CampCamp 8.0 in Truckee, Calif. The above photos were taken as I drove up from the LA area to the Tahoe area, while at CampCamp, and then on the drive back home.
I truly enjoyed CampCamp 8.0, not only for the lovely location, but for the great hangout time with friends old and new. Jason S brought lots of games, others brought musical instruments, Jackson, Courtney, Robert, & Jonathan cooked wonderful meals, photowalks with Jason S, Sergio, Winnie & Jenny, Hoff slept off jetlag, Annie knitted marvelous bits for the new baby & Amelia, and Amelia and Scruffy provided lots of entertainment – over all an excellent weekend in the mountains! Big thanks to MJ for organizing us!
And one day, I will beat Sergio at Settlers of Catan. One day…

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