Meego 1.2 + My Nokia N900

I have Meego 1.2 community release dual booting on my Nokia N900. 1st thing I did was take photos. #Meego
Photo taken with Ms. Jen’s Nokia N8.

Wed 06.29.11 – I have Meego 1.2 community release dual booting on my Nokia N900. Amusingly, the first thing I did was take photos. The photo, above, on the home screen is not my photo, but the Meego Community default.
The photos that I took with the Meego N900 were much more entertaining, as the camera plus the Meego dual boot completely overexposed the images in a lovely way. My only problem is that I can’t get them off the device right now to show you, not by bluetooth, usb, or web upload. Photos stuck on a device are unhappy photos.
The first Meego developer review released a couple of months ago was unusable for me as it did not have working wifi nor did it recognize my sim chip, but this new one, the Meego 1.2 Midsummer community release, is usable with a few caveats. It is exciting to see mobile OS software in progress. The wifi is working and so is my T-Mobile sim chip, so I can go online and connect, but I am not able to use bluetooth, the microUSB cable, nor have I been able to upload any photos to upload to Flickr’s mobile web site.
My next trick is to attempt to build a QML Flickr upload app with Meego components. Wish me well.
Here is how I did the dual boot install of Meego to my N900:
I followed these instructions at the Meego wiki for installing a dual boot on my Nokia N900 with the Meego 1.2 midsummer release on the MMC/MicroSD card:
I started by installing U-Boot from the Nokia Devel Extras repository to the Nokia N900 to do the boot to MMC on launch.
The BIG thing I did to make it all work was to first format the microSD card while it was in the Nokia N900 with the Maemo file manager, so that it was a clean microSD formatted the way that Maemo & Meego would like it best. Then, I used a card reader & the instructions for Mac OSX on my MacBook.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    It’s Jimmy. Really like this how to post. I am trying to get the bz2 copied to the microSD from Mac Terminal and I am getting the Resource is busy error. I have reformatted the microSD 2x from the N900 File MGR. Used a card reader and using Mass Storage mode on N900 via USB cable and both attempts have failed.
    I have a 16 GB class 6 micro sd card.
    Thanks in adv for your help :).

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