Chennai, Before the Wedding Starts

Paper Dosa time!
Diana and Abhi just after arriving from the airport Ms. Jen and Abhi Diana and Abhi at lunch Outside Saravana Bhavan restuarant Sharanya on her phone Grotto + Ad Hanging out with Chandru and Sharanya Fountain at the Sheraton Chola in Chennai

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 cameraphone.

Sun 06.05.11 – These are all photos from my first day in Chennai for Abhi & S’s wedding. This was pre-wedding festivities ‘down’ day. Fellow(ess) wedding guest, Diana Morales, and I arrived about the same time in the early early morning to the Chennai airport and after a wee bit of delay due to slow baggage, we plus Abhi, who picked us up, were off the Madras Club to check in. A small sleep was procured and after Abhi had a groom ceremony, we met up with Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan (aka Chandru) for lunch at a famed Chennai dosa/idli place. It was tasty.

After lunch, Chandru and I went off to meet up with Sharanya Manivannan, and they guided me in shopping for some appropriate Indian attire to wear to the wedding. Chandru and Sharanya were very helpful, as my own taste veres towards minimalism and South Indian weddings are to be bright & sparkly. I am good at sparkly personality, but not sparkly clothes.

In the evening I met back up with Abhi and Diana, as well as met Kelvin another wedding guest who had just arrived and we went to dinner at Ente Keralam, which was very tasty, before turning in to get a good night’s sleep.