Abhi’s Big Fat Indian Wedding

In February 2008, I went to India for the Nokia Urbanista Diaries photo mobile blogging trip. It was great.

My second day in India, I met up with a bunch of Chennai area photographers to participate in the 4th Chennai Photowalk.

As I walked up to the arranged meeting area on Anna Salai, I did not see anyone else with a camera and began to panic a bit about getting the directions wrong in my jetlagged haze when I saw a tall guy wearing cargo shorts and a Quicksilver t-shirt with a big DSLR camera. I walked up to him and asked if he was going to the photowalk, he said yes and that he didn’t know where folks were. We introduced ourselves and then he then called and found out the meeting place was around the corner.

Abhi and I have been friends ever since and every time I have come to London in last three years Abhi and I meet up for a meal and sometimes a photowalk. Tomorrow morning I am flying from London, where I am now on a layover, to Chennai to go to his wedding.
Big Congrats in advance to Abhi and S on their wedding this week!