Abhi and S get Married!

The Newlyweds with the Groom's Parents
The Groom and his Famiy approaching the Wedding Hall in the early morning Abhi and the Umbrella S, in a Hyderbadi style basket, prays to Gowrie/Lakshmi Mobile photo time! The Gowrie/Lakshmi altar The Hyderbadi wedding ceremy as seen through the legs of the videographer S helped out of the Basket The final pujas of the Hyderbadi wedding ceremony The women of the family walk in a circle around the bridal couple Lovely hair flowers The rice blessing at the end of the Hyderbadi ceremony Diana, Gayathri, and Ms. Jen Kelvin, Erika, and Philip The start of the Tamil wedding ceremony S returns wearing the traditional Tamil married woman's sari Tamil ceremony Head Salem priest leads wedding pujas Abhi and S Abhi and S, part II Abhi gets ready to tie the knot, literally Knot Tied, Abhi & S married in Tamil ceremony Chandru and Sushila Head priest conducts more pujas Folks go off to change before the wedding lunch Hari's happy mehndi sums it all up!

All wedding photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 cameraphone.

Wed. 06.08.11 – The wedding ceremonies, both in the Hyderbad and Tamil traditions, were conducted in the morning from 8am to about noon, with the Hyderbad brahmin ceremony being first and then the Tamil ceremony, followed by the wedding lunch afterwards.

The best part about the Hyderbad and Tamil Hindu wedding ceremonies is that almost all the families and close friends are involved and on the stage or involved in the pujas and rituals. It was really lovely to be able to be right there and be apart of the ceremonies.

It was a true treat to be invited to attend A and S’s wedding, big thanks to both the N and B families for their gracious hospitality.

Big, gigantic congratulations to A and S, may their marriage be filled with love, laughter, and much joy.