Shikha Dalmia on Bollywood vs. Bin Laden

Video of Shikha Dalmia on Bollywood vs. Bin Laden from Bollywood vs. Bin Laden – Why radical Islam fears pop culture
Honestly, I have stayed kind of quiet on 9/11 and Bin Laden on this blog the last eight years, not because I don’t care, but because the whole thing is so fraught with many pitfalls. As a Californian, I felt very distanced from the 9/11 tragedy due to it happening on the other side of the landmass that I live on, much as if there was a great disaster in northern Canada or southern Mexico or Japan, it seemed if it happened in a far off foreign place.
Bush & co. diversion of the WMD snipe hunt in Iraq in 2003 that was conducted in the name of 9/11 was, in my opinion, a gross misuse of American power in the name of supposedly hunting down terrorists.
This past Sunday evening, on May 1, 2011, I was at my Grandpa Jim’s 89th birthday party and with the exception of probably three of us liberal pinko arty types, the other 20+ of the attendees are/were died in the wool Republican patriots, to the point a few more toasts were given to patriotism & country than to Grandpa. As dinner was breaking up, a relative announced, “Fox news is reporting that Bin Laden is dead!!!”
Me: Pulls out the N8 to check the BBC as a din of confusion starts around the dinner table. The BBC confirms.
Me in a loud voice, “The BBC confirms that Osama Bin Laden has been taken out by US forces.”
Relative: “Fox News says…”
Me: “The BBC…”
Roll your eyes. Yes, I don’t trust Fox News, but I do trust the Beeb.
All week, I have been avoiding most of the coverage of Bin Laden’s death as it is much ado about much ado. Yes, I am glad that there has been closure. But as I said to my dinner seat mate to my right, Mariano, “It is time for the countries in the Middle East to determine their own direction, the Arab Spring will have more power over the minds of the people than the Isalmists.”
Mariano, “But what about the Isalmic Brotherhood?”
Me: “So what if the Egyptian people vote them in, how different is it from Americans voting in the Tea Potters? Both are overly conservative folk who want to roll back time.”
Mariano, “….”
The real issue here is post-modernity vs. pre-modernity. This is an issue of mindshare and in the video above Shikha Dalmia of the Reason Foundation nails it on the head with very vivid Bollywood videos on how the post-modern world is in conflict with the pre-modern world of the Isalmists. The Shelia video, below, would be just as offensive to many conservatives in the US as it would be to conservatives in India or Iraq or Iran. Or maybe not offensive but embarrassing when they can’t explain their woody to their pastor/cleric.
The question is how do we move the world forward in peace with giving each community and culture set freedom to shake their groove thing or not as the case maybe without blowing each other up?
The original music videos from the Bollywood movies that Ms. Dalmia referenced in her video:

The Sheila & Munni videos reminds me of Shakira, which then makes one wonder if the next war will be between Indian Muslim Bollywood stars v. Lebanese belly dancers v. Brazilian Samba dancers. As long as that war is conducted on YouTube, I think we will all be safe.