Mobilism 2011: Ms. Jen’s How to put the Mobile in the Mobile Web

Fri 05.13. 11 – Here are the slides from my Mobilism 2011 presentation this morning, I would also like to highlight the conclusion ideas and some of the links:
Moving Forward:
* Form a grassroots set of folk to work up the hybrid server/client side solution for mobile browser and feature detection as proposed in Brian Rieger’s presentation.
*Work with browser makers for a more complete feature profile and to alert of user preferences on data, media, and current context.
*We are all here now, what are we willing to accomplish & organize?
The Mobile Web is young, let’s keep the lines of communication open and work together.
The Three Presentations after mine that expand on CSS (Media Queries), Client side, Server side and Hybrid approaches:
Steve Hay’s Presentation On Media Queries
Scott Jehl’s Presentation on Mobile JQuery and how it is used on the new Boston Globe site (he will be posting this later after permission is gained)
Brian Rieger’s Presentation on Muddling Through the Mobile Web
Text W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices
W3C’s Mobile Web Application Best Practices
Authoring Practices for the Mobile Web
USC’s Best Practices in Mobile Detection
Quirksmode Mobile
Detect Mobile Browser
Simple javascript mobile OS detector
Deploying WURFL
Tera-WURFL UA & Feature Explorer
The Switcher
Manifesto for Responsible Reformatting
Also, this presentation was geared as a guide on where to begin for web designers and developers to who are wanting to get started in Mobile. I would recommend starting with the resources to move forward.
Also here are a few links to:
James Pearce’s Modernizr-server
W3C Media Queries
Rethinking the Mobile Web