Mobilism 2011: Luke W on Mobile First

Dear reader, As a way to both pay attention and have a good record of the proceedings, I like to type out transcriptions/paraphrases of conference sessions. Here is my transcription/paraphrase for Luke W’s Mobile First presentation at Mobilism 2011. – Ms. Jen

Luke WMobile First
Web products should be designed mobile first.
“We’re just now starting to think about mobile first and desktop second for a lot of our products.” – Kate from Facebook
“We really need to shift now to start thinking about building mobile first” Kevin at Adobe
Mobile First
1. Growth = opportunity
2. Constraints = focus
3. Capabilities = innovation

1. Growth = opportunity
1990 10M+ PCs
2000 1B+ Desktop Internet
2010 to 2020 10B+ Mobile Computer
* Amazon: over $1 billion spent via mobile devices in the past 12 months
* eBay: globile mobile sales $2 Billion, in 2010, $600 million in 2009
* eBay: 94 bids are made every min via mobile apps
* Instagram: millions of users in 3 months with only on the iPhone
PC vs. Smartphone Shipments
Morgan Stanley predicted that in 2012 shipments of PCs will be surpassed by smartphone shipments
It came true in Q4 2010.
The rate of mobile growth is faster than anyone expected.
Shift in Usage:
-20% home usage of desktop PC since 2008, as people get more done on smartphones and tablets.
-7% of users coming to Gmail via desktop, +36% via mobile
* Every other second a consumer calls a local biz and gererates driving directions from a Yelp mobile app
* Mobile facebook users have 2x as much use of Facebook
Number one mobile way to access Twitter is, then sms, then twitter on iPhone, then other apps.
Mobile Web Usage – More people will use the web on mobile than on desktops.
Top 50 webcistes constitute only 40% of mobile web usage -> opportunity and space for everyone
“My goal was initially just to make a mobile companion, then I realized I could make something better than desktop.” Joe Hewitt on the Facebook mobile web site.
2. Constraints = focus
Design is the application of constraints until an elegant solution is reached.
Shows desktop website and says there is a lack of focus.
Southwest’s mobile app is highly focused – business goals and user needs.
Proiritize what the business does and what the customer needs.
Desktop web is like a carp in the bathtub, it will keep growing as you feed it.
how to get the level of mobile focus: know your audience
Size of screen
Modes of Mobile Usage
Reduce Requests & File Size
Take Advantage of HTML5, etc
Mobile is intensely personal
Where are we mobile? 80% at home, 80% during misc. times, 74% waiting in line, 64% at work – people use these anywhere and everywhere
Anywhere and everywhere is a defining idea of the mobile medium
Partial attention requires focused design: one thumb, one eyeball
Where are we mobile:
Mobile phones used all day & evening
iPads have most use from 8-11pm
LinkedIn Mobile use also spikes at night
Start with mobile, make it fast enough for mobile, then the desktop will be very fast
3. Capabilities = innovation
Geeks like cool things that do new stuff
Touch – 300K Android devices activated per day – 2011
Nokia ships the most phones and touch is a majority of their offerings in 2011
Drag to Reveal – iPhone
Touch direct interaction with the interface
Natural User Interfaces (NUI)
“NUI exploits skills that we have acquired through a life time of …” Bill (moved slide too fast)
Challenging ourselves
Uses Kayak’s mobile web as an example
Mobile web can access:
Device positioning & motion
Native app can access:
Dual Cameras
Device connections: Bluetooth
Ambient Light
Tilt scrolling feature in Instapaper. (is this on their iphone app or mobile web site?)
Safari Gyroscope Access –
Combine direction detection and location detection take common use cases and innovate them.
LW talks about the Transport for London (Tube) web site, then shows a mobile app, Nearest Tube, that uses AR to show where the nearest Tube station is.
LW has hopes that Android’s Honeycomb will be able to allow developers to access more via the mobile web rather than just native apps.
Nokia Point & Find is Nerd Found. But the technology is cool. LW is more fond of the iPhone’s implementation of the same technology.
Why does Mobile First makes sense :
Growth opportunity – not just new uses but a shift in use & new uses
Mobile has compelling constraints that make for good design, focus on performance, services can be used anywhere and everywhere
Capabilities start with real needs and helps folks solve their problems.