Oxfordshire Easter Weekend

Walking the Common: Olive & Jon Walking the Common Jon and Leigh, Laughing Lovely Sunset Sky Remy entering the Dalek sleeping pod Remy inspecting mobile phone White Hawthorn Blossoms Country lane Dandelion Steve & Ms. Jen Fraggle Steve, Alun, and Ian Olive still thinks she is a lapdog Manda, the guinea pigs, and Steve Ian and Manda Olive Mego making felt Leigh making felt Lovely old (hawthorn?) tree and violets in foreground
Photos taken on Sat 04.23.11 and Sun 04.24.11 by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 while visiting Family Hicks in Witney, Oxfordshire.
Saturday the 23rd was Leigh’s birthday, celebrated with a lovely lunch and friends over in the evening. Sunday the 24th was my birthday, celebrated with Steve Marshal, Ian & Manda Lloyd, as well as Alun & Mego & Alex Rowe coming over for Easter lunch and hang out time.
The weekend in Witney was good fun, relaxing, and very nice to be in the countryside. Big thanks to Jon and Leigh Hicks for their hospitality over the weekend.