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On Computer Blackouts

Yesterday morning, I woke up nice bright and early due to jetlag, and tried to turn on my computer to entertain myself while it was still dark out. I looked up in the top right corner and saw that my lovely, now 4 year old, MacBook Pro had not been charging the last few hours. In fact, it wasn’t charging at that moment and was nearly out of battery even thought the power adapter was plugged into the wall and into my computer.
I took it into the living room and pulled out the router which was on and tried the power adapter there, no luck, no charge. Given that I was a very short time away from losing all battery, I quickly searched for “MacBook Pro not charging” and followed the various instructions to no avail. I then turned it off to save the last bits of battery and then went back to sleep.
I tried again about 8am yesterday and the computer would not take a charge nor respond to the various Apple Support resets. While I was doing the third PRAM reset, the computer simply would not turn on at all. This was very frustrating as the power adapter is less than a month old, the battery is less than 4 months old, and I have a lot of work to do right now. Then for no reason at all, this morning, it decided to start charging again and turn on.
Something tells me that it is time to start looking for a new computer as this one is starting to do its own thing. I really hope it can last for least two more months, as I would rather go to Abhi’s wedding in India in June than buy a new computer.
Dear Chick-a-Poo the MBP, please hang on in there…