London, Week 2

Walking through Leicester Square
View while waiting for Mobile Monday to start Sunlight in Bayswater A Plane Tree and its Shadow Conker Flowers Red Pants, Purple Shoes, Oxford Street Michal at Vibe LJ and her new Sony Ericsson Xperia Brick Lane, Wednesday Night Chris Katie and Meg Duck Attendees of the Firefox 4 launch party, London A truly Rare Occurrence - An Empty Tube Car An Evening Stroll

All photos from Week 2 of my stay in London have been taken with my Nokia N8 from Mon 04.18.11 to Fri 04.22.11.
This week was a mix up of meetings, meet ups, work, and resetting my self with walks in the various parks. This week was overly warm by my standards but my London friends were excited that California weather had reached them in April – shorts & t-shirt weather. By mid-week, I started to regret being here during the British and European school Easter/Spring breaks, as it was somehow even more crowded than high tourist season, so I did my best to avoid the tourist spots.
I don’t know if it was the heat, or the students on break, or what, but London felt like it was going to erupt in riots all week – a very jangly feeling. Today the tide changed, as the students mostly seem to be gone and have been replaced with adult couples on a long weekend break – much more laughter tonight.
Tomorrow, I go off to Oxfordshire to spend the combined birthday weekend / Easter with Family Hicks. Then back home to California early next week.