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Ash Wednesday, or Two Bird Houses for Your Soul

The Two Bird House Tree on 12th Street
Photo taken this morning by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.
Wed 03.09.11 – I was raised vaguely Presbyterian and spent most of my twenties and early thirties attending a Vineyard church, so I am more than a bit oblivious about the Lenten traditions be they Fat Tuesday (Marti Gras), Ash Wednesday, and the 40 days that follow up to Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday was what was celebrated when I was growing up, and then Easter week as an adult but not the full 40 days up to.
While I have not celebrated Lent before, I do appreciate the idea of giving up something in your life for 40 days as a spiritual discipline. This year, I have decided that I will celebrate my first Lenten season by giving up thinking about & reading about Nokia+Microsoft alliance, as it has not been good for my soul to keep gnawing at it. To that end, I promised my Twitter followers yesterday that I would not tweet about Microsoft for the next 40 days. I can tweet about Nokia, but not the behemoth from Redmond.
Lent” by Christina Rossetti (c. 1886)
It is good to be last not first,
Pending the present distress;
It is good to hunger and thirst,
So it be for righteousness.
It is good to spend and be spent,
It is good to watch and to pray:
Life and Death make a goodly Lent
So it leads us to Easter Day.

I leave for SXSW in Three Days!

Blast from the Past: SXSW 2001 - Jason from the Amazing Royal Crowns & Ms. Jen

After I went to the big Sunflower Street post office and shipped the last four weeks of work off in big trackable priority mail envelopes, I allowed myself to finally start thinking about SXSW.
Yes, the Annual Spring Break for Geeks Pilgrimage to Austin, Texas, for the best little, ok… not so little anymore, conference / festival on the planet.
This year will be my 10th Interactive, but 13th year overall (1998-2000, I attended Music only). I guess this makes me an Austin veteran.
Now to figure out when to hold the annual wine & cheese party…

Be Kind and Gentle

A big part of the last few weeks has been a fairly onerous project that is nearly complete. Through this situation, one of the important things that keeps repeating in my head is that everyone is broken and we all need to be kind and gentle to each other.
Remember that no matter how good a person or situation looks, they are somewhere, be it visibly or in the depths of their being, broken. Remember that all of us have parts of our life that work and other parts that don’t, and many times this does not sync with what the larger society outside of ourselves considers good or bad.
Be gentle with each. Be kind.

Oberon, All Grown Up

Oberon overly excited about having a guest Oberon settling down

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sun 03.06.11 – In a lovely bout of serendipity, I ran into Katrina, Sam, and Iona this afternoon. They have recently moved into their lovely (Purple!) new house up in the canyons above Sierra Madre in the shade of California live oaks. We walked up to their place to see how BIG Oberon the amazing charcoal lab puppy has grown.
Oberon is now 10 months old, the size of a full grown lab at 85 pounds, but still with the brain and Complete Excitement and Joy of Life of a Puppy!!!! And many more exclamation marks.
Oberon at 8 weeks : Photos from Erika’s Birthday Party
Oberon at 4 months: Oberon, the King of the Charcoal Lab Puppies, Oberon Goes to the Beach and Meets the Ocean, Goodbye to Oberon the World’s Cutest (Currently) Charcoal Lab Puppy

Diego and Scruffy Jumping!

Diego Scruffy

Wed 03.02.11 – Photos of Diego and Scruffy jumping taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 in the Hernandez family yard. Yes, there was a small squeaky toy being held aloft for Scruffy, but Diego was jumping for the fun of it.

Ah, Baba!

Gracie and her Baba
Tues 03.01.11 – This morning Gracie was quite excited about her bottle of milk, so she came over to show it to me and kept saying, “Ah, Baba!”