Oberon, All Grown Up

Oberon overly excited about having a guest Oberon settling down

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sun 03.06.11 – In a lovely bout of serendipity, I ran into Katrina, Sam, and Iona this afternoon. They have recently moved into their lovely (Purple!) new house up in the canyons above Sierra Madre in the shade of California live oaks. We walked up to their place to see how BIG Oberon the amazing charcoal lab puppy has grown.
Oberon is now 10 months old, the size of a full grown lab at 85 pounds, but still with the brain and Complete Excitement and Joy of Life of a Puppy!!!! And many more exclamation marks.
Oberon at 8 weeks : Photos from Erika’s Birthday Party
Oberon at 4 months: Oberon, the King of the Charcoal Lab Puppies, Oberon Goes to the Beach and Meets the Ocean, Goodbye to Oberon the World’s Cutest (Currently) Charcoal Lab Puppy